Our Story

Inspired by the words of the visionary thought-leader Charles Eisenstein, Ritmo da Terra was founded in 2022 to contribute to a “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” by exploring different ways of living, relating, and creating that honour our interconnectedness and interdependence. 

Every day, more people seek alternative lifestyles. At Ritmo da Terra, we embrace simplicity, nature, and community to give voice to our heart’s desire. Through our events, workshops, retreats, volunteering, and co-living opportunities, we offer a living laboratory for new ways of living, relating, and creating. Our goal is to lay the foundation for a world where collaboration, sharing, and abundance are the norms, enabling everyone to reach their highest potential and feel at home on Earth.

Our purpose is to connect to our heart’s longing, offer new perspectives, and provide transformational experiences through events, retreats, experiences, volunteering, and co-living opportunities aligned with our core values: connection, inspiration, regeneration, and co-creation.

At Ritmo da Terra, we envision a living laboratory for the new earth, pioneering innovative communities and sustainable economies. We experiment with new methods of organisation, embracing flat hierarchies, sociocracy, and novel ways of recognizing collaboration. By acknowledging our interdependence within the broader community and ecosystem, we strive to live in harmony with the rhythm of the earth, continually exploring what this means.

Our Purpose

Our Pillars

We curate a diverse program of events and retreats that are closely connected to our four pillars: Music & Movement, Expanded Consciousness, Regenerative Renaissance, and Sensual Exploration.

Music & Movement

We believe in the healing power of music and movement, invite various experienced artists, musicians, DJs, and facilitators to share their talents and passion. Every Tuesday features conscious movement practices like Ecstatic Dance, Movement Medicine, 5Rhythms, and Soma Groove. We also host sound journeys to harness the therapeutic power of sound. Additionally, we bridge the gap between sober conscious dance and drug-fueled raves by organising non-judgmental celebrations with quality music, delicious food, and great people. Come and dance with us!

Sensual Exploration

By embracing sensuality with playfulness, openness, and curiosity, we can journey towards deeper pleasure, healthier relationships, and greater self-awareness. We invite sensual events and retreats, like the Slow Sex Bang, the Erotic Body Retreat and our monthly Temple with Mahé to help shed layers of conditioned shame, unhealthy patterns, and taboos, allowing us to become the wholesome humans we were born to be that act with integrity, respect, and self-responsibility. Come and play with us!

Expanded Consciousness

Expanded consciousness refers to a state of heightened awareness and perception that transcends the limitations of ordinary consciousness. It is characterized by a profound sense of interconnectedness with all living beings and the universe as a whole. Cultivating expanded consciousness can lead to a deeper understanding of oneness—the idea that all existence is interconnected and inseparable. At Ritmo, we wish to enhance the connection to oneself and the greater whole through various activities & techniques spanning from yoga, breathwork over art and creative expression to plant medicine assisted ceremonies. 

Come and expand with us!

Regenerative Renaissance

Regeneration is one of the core values of Ritmo. As we reach (or crossed) our planetary boundaries, it becomes evident that we cannot continue with our exploitative way of life and many are looking to bring about a system transformation towards a regenerative way of life. We wish to invite knowledge-sharing around tools and practices to help us become better humans together and co-create a paradigm shift. From trainings in non-violent communication, workshops in syntropic agriculture, to talks on Sacred Economics and ReFi (regenerative finance) – collectively, we imagine and build regenerative food systems, regenerative education & un-schooling, new money systems, collective and cooperative business models and radically distributed governance. Come and learn with us!

Meet the Team

Fabienne, originally from Switzerland, is the founder and steward of Ritmo da Terra. With expertise in regenerative food systems, she envisions transforming Ritmo da Terra into a regenerative lab to reconnect with nature.. Fully dedicated to the community project, Fabienne is passionate about fostering connection, collaboration, and co-creation as drivers for change, bringing people together to make a positive impact.

Kim, a Dutch native, has a founding role and uses her strong communication and organisational skills to keep the project aligned with its greater vision. With a background in psychology, she brings clarity, structure, and harmony by staying attuned to the needs of all community members. Additionally, she handles event production, volunteer coordination, and community operations, management, and strategy.

Australian-born Jamie loves community life and started as a volunteer in Ritmo’s early days before becoming our chief of land maintenance and garden care. With a background in permaculture and experience as an electrician, the project relies heavily on him. Often found working outside, Jamie is hard to miss at Ritmo da Terra. In addition to his handy skills, he teaches yoga.

Ambra has been at Ritmo since the summer of 2023. With her eye for detail and passion for hospitality, she lets everyone feel at home quickly. She has a leading role in hospitality and provides great support for the project. Ambra is passionate about embodiment. She helps people connect with their bodies through facilitated dance and through massages. Be sure to book a massage while you are here or join one of her Tantric Soul Dance practices.

Maeva is one of our long term team members. After years of traveling the world, she now landed at Ritmo. She is unmissable in hospitality and takes care of the overall cleanness of the spaces. With her immense positivity, she brings joyful energy. Maeva also offers bodywork sessions by herself or together with Ambra. Their 4 hands massage is heaven.

Mike, Fabienne’s partner, is passionate about construction and plumbing, and can fix or build almost anything Ritmo needs. Besides his building skills, he is also a trained masseur and uses his strong hands to give wonderful massages.

Hannes is our long term volunteer contributing to the community with his carpentry skills to the maintenance & care of the land. After extensively traveling our world, he found in Ritmo a place to unwind, connect & grow and embrace a new phase in his life. One of his passion is acquiring universal wisdom and finding ways of applying it into daily life within. Be sure to have a chat with him.

Milo is one of our hospitality volunteers and makes the best ceremonial cacao for our events. She is passionate about healthy plant-based living and offers Holistic Vegan Coaching for those who want to eat, live and think healthier and love themselves and their bodies deeper.

Chester, our four-legged community member, is a small, calm, and cuddly dog whose main goal is to find the most comfortable spots to chill. His favourite activities are Yin Yoga and the sauna, which he rarely misses! You surely find out why he often receives honourable mentions in our guest reviews.

The Land

Ritmo da Terra is nestled in a secluded valley surrounded by beautiful hills, just off the main road outside Aljezur. The starry night skies never get old and the peace of nature is omnipresent from the moment you enter, with the shamanic energy of the previous stewards still palpable on the land.

Enjoy a hike in the hills, cool off in the saltwater pool or private lake, meditate in the labyrinth, sweat in the sauna, or simply stroll around the land, meet the chickens, and most of all relax. The property includes indoor and outdoor hot water showers, a fully equipped communal kitchen, and gardens with organic veggies and medicinal herbs.

The Region

Tucked away in a little valley, surrounded by mountains, medronho trees, and a magical lake, Ritmo da Terra is only a 15-minute drive to the Atlantic ocean with favorite beaches like Praia da Amoreira and Praia do Monte Clérigo. While secluded, Ritmo da Terra is close to Aljezur in the Algarve, a charming town on the border between Algarve and Alentejo, attracting surfers, nature lovers, digital nomads, and those seeking an alternative lifestyle. Renowned as the “Spiritual Capital” of Portugal, it offers numerous spiritual and conscious events. 

The region also boasts the Rota Vicentina, a network of breathtaking walking trails through the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast, ideal for exploration. Additionally, the Algarve, from Faro to Sagres, is famed for its beautiful beaches, fishing towns, and favourable climate, while Alentejo offers rural landscapes, cork oak plains, excellent wines, and unique cuisine. Aljezur’s combination of natural beauty, spiritual appeal, and convenient location makes it a perfect destination for relaxation and adventure.